Customization Services

As well as providing off the shelf products at a very competitive price, AC3 also has the advantage of being able to customize our products to fit your specifications exactly. Not only is customization available with the products that are available from our website, but we also have a large design inventory that complements our ability to execute custom requirements quickly and efficiently.

Our connectors and housings can be customized in several ways. AC3 is experienced in engraving, custom colors, specialized cutouts and have even designed and manufactured completely new housings to fit our customers' needs exactly.


Every AC3 housing has inserts that be customized as a cost effective way to brand your product. Text and images can be engraved into the plastic with an extreme amount of accuracy, precision and detail. Unlike decals, engraving will never fade or fall off over time which ensures your product can always be traced back to you. There are no per-part increases in costs; however there is a one-time tooling charge and a setup charge per run.

Specialized Cutouts

As an added service to our customers, AC3 has the ability to machine our current housings with custom openings. This opens up the possibility for indicator lamps, switches and multi-cable designs. And if modification of current designs isn't enough AC3 has the resources and experience to design and manufacture a completely custom product based on your specifications.

Custom Colors

To make your product even more recognizable, custom colors should be a consideration. Our housings can be molded in any Pantone color; even translucent and tinted shells can be made. There is a dye surcharge, as well as a per-run setup fee, however, the benefits of color will quickly be realized by the ability to efficiently identify your product. A minimum order quantity applies.

Custom Cabling

Customer requests and specifications are very important, and as a result the in-stock cabling that we offer for our housings is very limited. This does however free up the opportunity to make our product line much more flexible by allowing the customer to specify the cable and connector details.

Smaller quantities can have a lead time of as little as two weeks and are often assembled at our Canadian based warehouse. Medium sized production runs are often manufactured at our off shore plant and then shipped to our Canadian facility where they are assembled and then shipped to the customer. To push our prices even lower, large production runs are often completely manufactured and assembled at our off shore plant, tested, and then shipped straight to the customer.

It is very typical for our customers to specify the cable length, color and the mating connector.

Electronic Interfaces

In an effort to provide the complete solution, AC3 has the capability to design and manufacture electronic interfaces as well. In the past these have included ISO9141 and CAN based circuits, as well as flash programming designs. Several of our designs can be easily and cost effectively customized by methods such as firmware branding and data encryption.


Product packaging plays an important role in representing your product and your company. AC3 realizes this and in turn strives to offer complete packaging solutions.Whether you require sturdy storage and shiping solutions or attractive retail packaging AC3 has the capability to provide exactly what you need. In the past AC3 has helped our customers by providing simple divided cardboard boxes, protective blow-molded cases and even clamshell style retail packaging.