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Crimp Style Connector


To accommodate customers with a higher production quantity we manufacture an SAE J1962 compliant connector that uses crimp style pins. Molded from the same specially engineered plastics as our solder type connectors, it is resistant to most common workshop fluids as well has having a high impact resistance.

These connectors are compatible with our crimp contacts, or Delphi Metri-Pack 150 PN: 12059894

The connectors and housings of AC3 have been replicated many times, yet our customers have found that none of them come close to the product that AC3 can deliver. This is in terms of quality, reliability, durability and support. The plastics used to mold knock off connectors is weak, brittle and reacts with many common chemicals that can greatly reduce its structural integrity.

As well, AC3 has invested the time to ensure that our connectors and housings can be used with any vehicle – this is something we guarantee! Many European models have extremely close fitting trim which often prevents knock off and competitor connector designs from properly fitting and making a reliable connection to the vehicle.

This is a 12V 'Type-A' style connector molded in black plastic. It will only fit housings that are fastened with clips, such as the 1100 and 2000 Economy series.

The connector kit contains:

  • MK2 Shroud(P0.516.0001)
  • MK2  Crimp Terminal Block connector (P0.552.0000)



Along with our housings, AC3 connectors can be molded from colored and tinted plastics. This opens up the possibility to create a product that is even more recognizable. As well as being an effective and direct form of branding color coding your products also allows them to be easily identified internally. For example, different colors could be used for different hardware revisions or variations.

Our connectors can be molded in any Pantone color, even clear and tinted connectors are a possibility. For more information about customizing our products to fit your requirements please contact AC3.

Connector Color: Black

Connector Material: Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)

Contact Material: Brass

Contact Plating: Tin

Contact Type: Crimp

RoHS Compliant: Yes

Country of Origin: Canada

Part Number: A0.513.0002

Old Part Number: 15J-1A02-0112