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AC3 strives to design and manufacture housings for our OBDII connectors that provide the highest quality, durability and reliability amongst any on the market. By manufacturing our housings from specially engineered plastics that meet the strictest mechanical, electrical and thermal requirements we are able to provide a product that is not only designed to perform but has proven itself time and time again.

With designs ranging from the extremely spacious 2000 series housings all the way to the compact 3000 series right angle shell AC3 manufactures a variety of housings to fit every need and specification. As well our housings can be customized in several ways. AC3 is experienced in engraving, custom colors, specialized cutouts and have even designed and manufactured completely new housings to fit our customers' needs exactly.

Every AC3 housing has inserts that be customized as a cost effective way to brand your product. Text and images can be engraved into the plastic with an extreme amount of accuracy, precision and detail. Unlike decals, engraving will never fade or fall off over time which ensures your product can always be traced back to you. There are no per-part increases in costs; however there is a one-time tooling charge and a setup charge per run.

To make your product even more recognizable, custom colors should be a consideration. Our housings can be molded in any Pantone color; even translucent and tinted shells can be made. There is a dye surcharge, as well as a per-run setup fee however the benefits of color will quickly be realized by the ability to efficiently identify your product. Minimum order quantity applies.

Our objective is to save you money when you switch to our products. This is not only in item cost, but in assembly cost as well. We are confident that you will see a reduction in overall cost and at the same time an increase in quality and reliability. If you are concerned with lead time rest assured that we carry a vast selection of stock items ready to be shipped at a moment's notice. We are your competitive edge!

1000 Series
Versatile screw and clip fastened housings
2000 Series
Screw fastened housings with a large internal area
2000 Economy Series
Extraordinarily large housings with clip style fastening
3000 series
Discrete, low profile housings designed for long term applications
6000 Series
Mid-sized housings with clip style fastening
8000 Series
Compact housings designed for wireless applications