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Diagnostic Adapter for BMW


Even with the advent of the standardized OBDII connector for engine diagnostics, BMW has equipped their vehicles with a large round 20 Pin Diagnostic Connector that is used to access many of the other control modules in the vehicle.

Our 20 Pin Diagnostic Connector mates perfectly with the in car piece, and is molded from a specially engineered plastic that is extremely durable and resistant to most common workshop chemicals. PVC insulation keeps the cabling safe, while a female overmolded OBDII port allows OBDII scanners and OBDII software such as Bavarian Technic to scan other control modules in the car.

Applicable to all BMW models from 1989 through 200 with some models up to 2002. Vehicles from 1996 and on do have the standard OBDII connector, however only the ECU is accessible through it.

There are no customization options for this product at this time.

Color: Black


Contact Material: Brass

Contact Plating: Tin

RoHS Compliant: Yes

Country of Origin: Canada

Part Number: 22-310-005-04