Privacy Policy隐私权政策
At AC3 we take your privacy very seriously. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or issues.

1. What information of yours does AC3 collect?
Our goal is to assist you in finding information about our products. To achieve this goal, AC3 must collect information so we can understand what makes you different from its millions of other unique users. While you are not required to register for any services on the, some portions of this website may not function fully or may not be accessible unless you do.

Personal information consists of personally identifiable information like your name, address, phone etc. The personal information we collect is ONLY used to help make purchasing our products easier and to help us in processing the orders you might make. (for example; once you register you do not need to re-enter in your shipping address / contact information). We collect this type information through the use of forms (like our register page).

Anonymous information is non-identifiable personal information like the items in your shopping cart. Any anonymous information collected is ONLY used to help make your shopping experience easier.

2. Do you share my information with any third-party companies or people?
No. Your information is kept strictly confidential and we do not share this information with any third parties or other companies. The only time we view your personal information is when we are processing the orders you make. All information regarding our customers is securely encrypted.

4. How do I edit or change my personal information? Can I have my account completely removed from your website?
You can edit your information by clicking 'profile' button on top navigation menu. At the top of this page you can remove your membership by clicking on the "Resign Membership" link or edit various information by click on the 'edit' (pencil icon) links.